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Finneo has a variety of plan options that suit all levels of borrowers. Whether you're buying your first CRE property, or hitting your billion dollar milestone, Finneo has the solution for you and your team.

Small Property Owners

We recommend that this client type use either ‘Self-Serve,’ or ‘Transaction Only.’ This allows small borrowers to fast track their CIM creation (using our help features), and matches their property to respective lending institutions.

Large Property Owners

We recommend that this client type use ‘Full Serve.’ This portal allows the users to manage their debt, gives them access to CIM creation, and affords them to diversify their lender base. You have strong lender relationships? Try Dashboard only to maximize your debt book.

Real Estate Brokers

Finneo’s advanced workflow and transaction platform allows CRE Brokers to source debt options for their clients in a quick and efficient manner. A Broker is able to use our cutting edge tools like auto deal creation and lender matching algorithm to find perfect lenders and terms both at a listing pitch stage and at listing dissemination – allowing them to win more listings and close with confidence!

REIT's & Pension Funds

We recommend that this client type use ‘Full-Serve.’ This portal allows the users to manage their debt, gives them access to CIM creation, and gives clients the ability to diversify their lender base. Save the hassle of managing your portfolio using Finneo.

Property Developers

For developers, the debt management tool may not be the best use of their resources. However, using the construction loan CIM builder, and the lender matching algorithm will allow users to maximize LTC, and ROI. We recommend ‘Self-Serve.’

Mortgage Brokers

For Mortgage Brokers, Finneo offers pipeline management, deal origination and a placement platform that brings tremendous workflow efficiencies and allows a Broker to generate higher deal origination and execution velocity. For e.g., Deal Creation Automation, data room, auto confidentiality agreement trackers, lender data and bid solicitation are some of the cutting edge tools available on the Debt Broker platform.


Software Solution.

Finneo's principals' come from an extensive background in the CRE financing industry. After over a decade of doing things the traditional way using excel, powerpoint, and relationships, they sought to find a way to automate this cumbersome process. Their Answer: FINNEO.

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