Comprehensive CRE Debt platform utilizing the power of Big Data

Automated Debt Management Dashboard

Insightful Business Intelligence
Aggregate Disparate Data Sets
Portfolio Vitals at your Fingertips
Seamless Integration with all major Accounting Softwares (APIs)
Optimize Performance of your Debt Portfolio
Cloud-Based & Secure
AI driven lender matching algorithm

Data Driven Transaction Management Platform

Machine Learning components for transaction optimization
Real Time Data scour to predict thousands of lenders across North America
Automated CIM Creation, Confidentiality Agreement, and live visibility into lender engagement
Digitization of Financing Solicitation, Management and Loan Closing processes
Data Enabled White Labelled Software

Cost savings. Workflow efficiencies.

Obtain Superior Loan-Economics
Get Proactive Notifications on Valuable Business Insights
Cloud Based Instant Access
Make better decisions
Quickly Canvass The Market
Reduce Closing Times by Half

A complete end-to-end Debt Platform

Leverage the most powerful AI powered CRE Debt Platform


Techstars Accelerator

Working in collaboration with one of the worlds largest and most innovative PropTech accelerators to create an ideal product for your CRE capital needs.


Debt Placement & Management SaaS

Industry leading AI and ML empowered CRE Debt platform that puts Business Intelligence at your fingertips, creates Workflow Efficiencies, and cuts costs by up to 90%.


Colliers International

Working in collaboration with one of the Global leaders in real estate and prop tech to create an ideal product that best suits your needs.

Source and Evaluate Debt Opportunities in Real Time
Power your Financing decisions with Industry's #1 Software that has the highest level of lender engagement in the industry.

Platform that creates value for Borrowers, Lenders, Consultants & Brokers

Business Intelligence Tools that allow you to instantly connect and analyze all of CRE Debt Data

Bespoke Solutions

Finneo software allows property owners, lenders, and brokers (CRE and CRE Debt) to be in full control and have access to its seamless workflow tools and tremendous lender data and insight in a transparent manner, so that the user can control the process in its entirety from A to Z when it comes to debt management and placement.

We offer multiple technology modules to serve Borrowers, Lenders, Consultants and Brokers in unique ways. Leverage the most powerful CRE Debt AI Platform in the world to build a long-lasting competitive advantage.

Finneo is the only technology offering that can take a property financing from Origination to Closing without having to leave the platform.

Property Owners

Debt Management 

      • One Click Access to Portfolio Information
      • Debt Reporting and Covenant Tracking
      • Forecasting and Budgeting

    Debt Placement 

    • Deal Creation Automation
    • Lender Matching Algorithm and Deal Submission
    • Organized Communication Through Proprietary Inbox
    • Loan Closing Tools
    CRE Brokers

    Win More Pitches

        • Deal Submission Templates
        • Track Lending Programs in Real-time
        • Receive Co-branded Debt Opinion Letter instantly

      Increased Execution

      • Connect Buyers with Pre-arranged Debt Options
      • Have Multiple Options Ready (High LTV vs Low Rates)
      • Reduce Deal Closing Friction and Waiver Extensions

      Loan Origination and Management 

          • Track Deal Flow/Stage by Size, Channel, Market & Type
          • Increase Efficiency by Managing Origination and Closing Ratios
          • Targeted Deal Flow based on Lending Criteria

        Loan Underwriting and Syndication

        • Access to Hundreds of Lenders
        • Custom Deal Creation (pre-loaded templates are also available)
        • Deal Placement with Syndicate Partners and Lenders
        Debt Broker and Affiliates

        Pipeline Origination and Management

            • Analyse Deal Origination Metrics
            • Monitor your Account Manager and Originations Team
            • Increase Efficiency and Closing Ratios

          Direct Deal Placement

          • One-Click Deal Submission
          • Enhance New and Existing Lender Relationships
          • Track and Compare Lender Offers
          • Manage all Communication on per Deal per Bid basis

          All your CRE debt needs. One Software.

          Finneo software is used by the biggest CRE industry leaders.